What does the perfect day look like to you?

I get up early. I usually do, but today would be no exception.

I spend my morning reading, writing, and eating breakfast. 

I meditate and do some stretching.

For a couple of hours, I work on tasks that need to get done for one of my multiple businesses.  These are the important tasks, the ones that grow the business and move it forward.

I spend time with my family before the kids go to school.

Around 9AM, I go to the gym and workout for an hour.  I spend another hour or so relaxing in the hot tub and showering.

Then I head to a late morning coffee or lunch with a colleague or new networking contact.  We exchange ideas about what we are working on and come up with a plan on how we can work together.

In the early afternoon, I run some personal errands and then return to work on the tasks in my businesses that are administrative in nature.  Tasks that have to be done to maintain the business, but aren't necessarily strategic - paying bills, tracking finances, updating online information.

During the late afternoon, I go for a walk or go outside and play with my kids.

Our family sits down together to eat dinner.  We talk about what we did that day and what is new in our lives.

After dinner, my wife and I clean up the kitchen and do any small household tasks.

The kids get homework done and spend time reading, writing, or watching TV.

My wife and I sit down to watch 30 minutes of TV - usually one episode of the series we are currently into.

A little after 9PM, we go to bed.

This is my perfect day, and for the most part, for me, this is every day.