What about you surprises most people?

My wife and I were at a dinner party and the host asked all the guests to say one thing that people don't know them. "I'm full of surprises," was my reply.

I felt clever.  It was interesting, yet still mysterious.

My answer didn't explain what I meant or give an example, and the question passed on to the next person without further explanation.

If I was asked the question again, I would say, "I am full of surprises, which means I will do things that you wouldn't expect me to do."

The reply might be: "What do you do that I wouldn't expect?" 

There's a whole list of Fun Facts on my website, but in addition, here are some things I do/have done that might surprise you:

  • Worked on a cruise ship
  • Obstacle races
  • Wake up at 5AM
  • Own a food truck
  • Own a franchise business
  • Owned rental real estate
  • Was in charge of one of the largest student organizations at Texas A&M
  • Can hula hoop and juggle
  • Enjoy flying drones
  • Enjoy public speaking
  • Plan to climb all the 14ers in Colorado
  • Will karaoke and am likely to jump up and bust a move at Disney World when the camera is on me.