How to grow your network contacting people you already know

Today, spend 15 minutes getting in touch with people you know and the companies on your target list.

You're going to use LinkedIn or email to contact these people.

Remember, you’re not cold emailing these people. They should be people you already know.

Focus on the people you know who already work at the companies you want to work at.

Send them a quick note.

Nothing formal:

"Hey, it's been awhile since we were in touch. How are things going at X company?"

If you want to add more you can tell them what you've been doing lately:

"After we worked together a Y company, I went to work at Z company and have been there for a few years."

You don't need to ask them for a job.

You don't need to ask them for anything.

You simply need to get in touch with them to start the conversation.

Spend 15 minutes doing this and see if you can get notes out to a few people.

Got your timer?

Ready, set go!

At 15 minutes stop!

How'd you do?

If you have been following the rules over the past few days, you've spent 1 hour making lists of people you already know and finding companies you would like to learn more about.

You've also contacted some of them.

Hopefully, you are starting to see some traction on using this small amount of time everyday to grow your network.