A strong and versatile problem solver who has a special gift for staying calm under pressure.
Analytical with the ability to communicate complexity to various audiences.
Very calm in leadership style. He is extremely responsive to requests and helpful when asked for information. He is pleasant to work with and has a great sense of humor.
Very thoughtful in the way he handles projects and team members. His decisions are well thought out and he rarely needs to retract a decision he has made. I admire his strength as it prevents needless fire drills and team confusion.
Great at handling tough challenges and always finds a solution without complicating things. The solutions are always made simple and clear.
Great at building relationships with every member of the team; he not only asks questions about the projects each team member is working on, but also strives to build a personal connection with everyone.
Skilled at overseeing the work of the overall team while allowing individuals to work on their own without micromanagement – this leads directly to personal ownership and increased morale.